Blogging is an emerging career in today’s era. If you want to write, you just need a suitable platform which can help you in making money through your blogs. 

There are many free platforms available, which are categorised into 2 parts:

  1. One way you can create your own website to write your blogs and you will be able to handle it yourself, though you need to manage it in a professional manner like WordPress, Wix etc.
  2. Another way is to write your blogs on already existing platforms called blog sites like Medium, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Now let’s discuss TOP 5 BEST FREE BLOGGING PLATFORMS to make your writing skills better and earn you money as well.

  1. WordPress:

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It is the biggest platform of all to write a blog. It is free of cost, however, you need to create a website there for your blog and then you have to handle it by customizing different things to make it more attractive and easy to use.

To get a wordpress hosting, you need to pay a moderate amount and then you will be able to host it by yourself.

  1. Wix:

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Wix comes next to WordPress in the list as it is more convenient to use. You just need to drag and drop the images to customize the site. It provides free hosting, so no need to pay any penny and also there are a variety of themes and templates available for different purposes.

  1. Medium:

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If you want to just write your thoughts, access a huge crowd over the internet to read your blogs and if you are not concerned about having your own website, then this platform is for you among TOP 5 BEST FREE BLOGGING PLATFORMS. 

It contains high quality content and niche centric content.

  1. Blogger:

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This is one of the oldest platforms for blogging where you need to create the account, then you need to choose a suitable theme and then you can start penning down your thoughts online.

In terms of making money, there is a benefit with this platform that it comes with the space on the page where you can put advertisements and earn money when the traffic is more on your blog.

  1. Tumblr:

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This website is good for personal use rather than professional use as it is not suitable to publish long contents. However, it is easy to post contents here as it has a basic and simple customization.

So we hope now you must have got some idea of which platform would be more suitable for you out of these TOP 5 BEST FREE BLOGGING PLATFORMS ! Whatever platform you choose, it depends on the seriousness of your writing skills and the audience you want to get for your blogs.

Happy writing!


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